Apna Rajasthan (1/3)

11-1 Apna Rajasthan

This is the travel deal of your lifetime providing you a 4 days 5 nights stay in the Pink City Jaipur. This deal will make you acquainted with the beauty of Rajasthan and its amazing culture and history.

Tour cost:- INR 14,500

Package Highlights & Inclusion:

 1. Hotel accommodation- 2 star

 2. Meals- breakfast

 3. Sightseeing

 4. Tour Guide

 5. Pick and drop from Airport

The sightseeing itinerary includes:-

 1. Jaipur City Tour

 2. Janatar mantar, Amber Fort, Chokhi Dhani

 3. Pushkar city tour

 4. Ajmer Sharif

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Apna Rajasthan (1/3)

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