Top 10 Ways To Learn A New Language

learn a new language

Getting a hold of a new language is always overwhelming and over the top frustrating and tiring. There might be numerous theories all over the internet on how to learn a language effortlessly but to no avail. Despite these facts, the desire of being bilingual is rapidly increasing and so does the opportunities with learning a new language.

The fact that your resume looks more good and has better scope with a word bilingual in it is the main thing that is driving major people to learn new languages. Let me give you a little insight into learning that new language not effortlessly but somewhat easily along the way:-

  1. If there is any community in your city that speaks the language you wish to learn, make friends with them. Start attending their events and being friends with them will bring an additional benefit of learning their slang, intonations and more over you will be comfortable with talking to them even if you are not very much familiar with the language yet. You will be focused enough to get a hold of the language without being self conscious of mistakes.

  2. This idea is not absurd if you are thinking so. Being an adult doesn’t mean you cannot have a pen friend. It is otherwise a great idea for learning a new language. You guys can correct each other’s letters and specify what mistakes are being made in terms of grammar and spellings. Moreover. You get to have a friend whenever you wish to visit abroad to put these skills to use. 

  3. The best way to learn a new language in the comfort of your own home without being conscious of the mistakes is to watch a movie in that language. Try watching it without the subtitles first if you have a little understanding and pen down the words you didn’t understand or get and search their meaning later on. Trust me, it doesn’t sound that much boring or you can watch a movie with subtitles and try to understand the basic words first. 

  4. Read their menus in your local language and learn the names of your favourite picks in their language and you can try to order different things at different times. Once you get a hold of their food names, you will automatically begin to learn that language. 

  5. Internet is the key to solve your major problems. Take up online classes to learn a new language or join a language group. You can also consider watching various translation videos on google or how to pronounce the words and everything. Reading article scan help a lot. 

  6. Here self motivation is the key. Keep yourself motivated enough to atleast try to write a single sentence once a day in the target language and checking it for the spellings and grammar or any other mistakes and rewriting it again. You can learn a whole book one sentence at a time. 

  7. Here the context we are talking about is breaking the language course into various sub parts. This way it will be easy for you to learn small things first and get a hold of them and then move to bigger and difficult passages later on. Dividing the course will make you feel less burdened and more confident. 

  8. Similar to watching a foreign movie, try listening to a radio station in your target language either in the car, on a podcast, or online. Try to see how much you can understand, and write down words that you recognize but do not understand to look up.

  9. It is a well known fact that learning takes time and you need to be very patient with that concept. If you start being nervous and self conscious every time you make a mistake in vocabulary or grammar, you will never be able to grasp the language well. Nobody is going to judge you if you make mistakes and you need to remember this fact. You have to leave your comfort zone to get comfortable with the language.

  10. The best way to learn a target language is to go the place where that language is native language and spend time with families that speak that target language. You will be amazed at the fact that how much effort and time it will save if you get yourself adjusted to their language and slangs and learn through live audience. 

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Top 10 Ways To Learn A New Language

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