Top 10 Resorts In Lonavala

best resorts in Lonavala

Lonavala is a hill station like no other. Its natural beauty, the weather is indeed intoxicating. The hill station is located at a distance of fewer than 100 kms from Mumbai and Pune making it a perfect location for the weekend getaway. There are tremendous amazing as well as best resorts in Lonavala that will give you ultimate weekend goals.

If you have not visited Lonavala yet, make it as a priority on your travel list. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s the list of some most famous and luxurious resorts in Lonavala that will help you get rid of that work or life stress and will help you relax and rejuvenate with their amazing hospitality and serene ambience.

Some of the best resorts in Lonavala:

  1. 3047628_2_z Top 10 Resorts In Lonavala

    It is eco-friendly as well as one of the best resorts in Lonavala. It is famous for its eco-friendly man made lagoon. The resort offers every single amenity at your doorstep. From the patio restaurant which offers a 3 course gourmet delight to the stunning lagoon, this place is a must visit. You can also enjoy fishing and trekking in the area making the lagoon an awesome weekend getaway to be.

    Tariff: INR 4500 per night onwards

  2. 3047628_2_z Top 10 Resorts In Lonavala

    Luxurious amenities, amazing ambience, serene environment and the stunning pools, Aamby valley resorts is the most coveted of all of the best resorts in Lonavala. The place will offer you over the top hospitality and amazing activities to take your stress load off. The activities offered by the resort includes Golf, Adventure Activities, Aqua Bus, Gallops, Spa, Gym, Lake Complex, Town Plaza and Movie Multiplex. 

    Tariff: INR 11625 per night onwards

  3. 3047628_2_z Top 10 Resorts In Lonavala

    Della resort is one of the most famous as well as one of the best resorts in Lonavala area. The resort has a hospitality and ambience to die for. It is perfect for a weekend getaway for the adventure goers or even for the honeymooners. From amazing luxurious rooms, hotel services and bars to the nightclubs and lounges, there isn’t anything that can make you feel disappointed. It has Della Adventure Park, India’s largest adventure park within the property that offers adventure sports like dirt biking, rocket ejector, swoop swing, ATV rides, archery, shooting, aqua zorb, bungee jumping etc. 

    Tariff: INR 15,500 per night onwards

  4. 3047628_2_z Top 10 Resorts In Lonavala

    At the top of Frichley Hills, the Fariyas resort is one of the poshest resorts of the area. The resort is all about elegance and style tucked away for your basic relaxation away from the city chaos. Pawana Lake, Lohagad Fort, and Karla Caves are in close proximity to the resort. The resort offers services like indoor heated swimming pool, spa and saloon within the premises. It also has Wild Water, an in house water park that offers various water sports and rides to the adults as well as kids. 

    Tariff: INR 8000 per night onwards

  5. 3047628_2_z Top 10 Resorts In Lonavala

    Rhythm Resort is one of the best resorts in Lonavala, if you wish to spend some time in an old Asian colonial architecture building tucked away from the bustling city life. Famous as a wedding resort, Rhythm offers every luxury with style and elegance. The resort has 84 over the notch rooms with a pool view, round the clock café, kid’s pool, art sessions for kids, mini golf, croquet and lounge bar. You can also go for the hot air balloon ride which is provided by the resort only.

    Tariff: INR 8000 per night onwards 

  6. 3047628_2_z Top 10 Resorts In Lonavala

    Nothing beats the stress like an amazing spa at an amazing place with an amazing ambience and Duke’s retreat in Lonavala offers you just that, a break from the hectic life. It has over the top luxurious rooms with every room service at your doorstep with a hoard of indoor and outdoor games for kids as well as adults. The pool area and the bar will make you feel in seventh heaven.

    Tariff: INR 6750 per night onwards

  7. 3047628_2_z Top 10 Resorts In Lonavala

    This resort is a sure shot treasure hunt. Its unique ambience has made it rank in the list of best resorts in Lonavala. The treasure of much needed calm and quiet. Tucked in the location away from bustling city life and its after effects, this resort will pamper you with its amazing hospitality. The jade green lawn and the crystal blue pools will take your stress away naturally. The resort offers various activities for adults as well as children ranging from indoor to outdoor. The food buffet is to die for and the sauna room will make you feel replenished to the core. 

    Tariff: INR 4000 per night onwards

  8. 3047628_2_z Top 10 Resorts In Lonavala

    The resort is a weekend retreat like no other. Tucked amid the lush green serene beauty and an amazing weather, the resorts offer you some over the top amenities. It has amazing swimming pools for you to enjoy and a bar to take the edge off. The resorts offers various indoor and outdoor activities including a play area for the kids and a fine dine in restaurant for you to enjoy the amazing gourmet meals. The karaoke show and a magic show are the major heroes of the night. 

    Tariff: INR 13,500 per night onwards

  9. 3047628_2_z Top 10 Resorts In Lonavala

    This is the most popular resort for a weekend getaway with the kids. The resort will offer you all the amenities with a cherry on top. The serene environment, the amazing ambience, the hills and the pools, nothing takes your stress away better than that. To please the kids, the resort has an in house water park with several pools for relaxing and some amazing water slides and a rain dance area too. 

    Tariff: INR 5000 per night onwards

  10. 3047628_2_z Top 10 Resorts In Lonavala

    Resting calmly along the backwaters of the Walvan Dam and Bhimashankar and Rajmachi wildlife sanctuaries, Captan Resort is the product of an Ex-navy captain and has been built keeping in mind his wishes of being as close to nature as possible without harming it in any way. Its eternal beauty has made it rank in the list of best resorts in Lonavala. The beautiful resort will offer you amenities like sauna and spa and amazing swimming pools and golf courses for your utmost relaxation. 

    Tariff: INR 4500 per night onwards

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Top 10 Resorts In Lonavala

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