5 Most Popular Party Places In Goa

party places in Goa

Goa, the Las Vegas of India, is the most happening and famous place to party in India and this is a no brainer. You cannot refrain yourself from partying in the party capital of India and lift up your spirits. There are many hip joints, party places in Goa to get your groove on and party your way through the crowd. They are bound to give you some unforgettable memories.

Here is the list of some amazing places to party in Goa that will offer you a night of your life with those bucket of drinks, the enchanting music, the out of the world food and that unique ambience.

Some famous party places in Goa :

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    One of the major elite club in town is Club Cubana, the Night Club in the Sky. This neon lit nightclub is the life of the party people in Goa and one of the amazing party places in Goa. It is the place for you if you wish to party your way through some elite crowd in the town. The club has a dance floor to die for with those amazing neon lights and the music will eventually take you in some heavenly state. The booze is actually not that much cheap, but hey! You asked for the best one. It sure has an electrifying ambience.

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    The most famous and the oldest night club in Goa is the club Titos. It will provide you a party life like no other. The Djs are amazing and the dance floor is electrifying. It has some happening discs depending upon your mood. The club has a whole lane named after it- The Tito’s Lane ans is considered one of the most hip party places in Goa. The Club also has its own Bar which is so much famous due to fact that it has the best cocktails and amazing cuisine with very tasty Indian and European dishes in whole Goa.

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    The Club M in Goa is party goers one of the favourite clubs to have a night worth remembering (or not!). They have some over the top intense theme parties happening all around the years. Live music, electrifying dance floors, the cocktails to die for and that amazing cuisine, you can never get tired of this place. Club M is actually famous for hosting some over the top beach and theme parties and you can actually see some famous artists having the time of their life midst the crowd.

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    It is one of those retro themed clubs in Goa that will take you to some other era. It is one of the party places in Goa that can actually take you back in the mid 90s with the indo-western and retro rock bands. You can enjoy the live music, some themed cocktails and that authentic cuisines while dancing your way through the crowd. The live bands performing retro pop music are bound to take you to some safe haven with their heart thumping music.

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    Cafe mambos is one of the major party club in Goa. You can actually get to meet some famous celebrities partying their way through the  crowd. The cafe actually has hoards of DJ that can make you groove on music all night. The enchanting music, the small dance tops for special performance, the amazing cuisines and of course the cocktails, you cannot get enough of this place ever. Their beach parties are to die for. It is one of the party places in Goa that is bound to make you nuts.

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5 Most Popular Party Places In Goa

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