5 Reasons Why Honda Civic Is the Best D-segment cars in India

Honda Civic

5 Reasons Why Honda Civic Is the Best D-segment cars in India: First introduced in 2006, Honda Civic has been one of the best selling cars of Honda in the D-segment. After so many years it has been launched in various versions and it has not failed to impress with its sheer beauty, amazing interiors, powerful performance and the additional safety features.

civic-gallery-1 5 Reasons Why Honda Civic Is the Best D-segment cars in India

Here are 5 reasons showing why Honda Civic is the best D-segment cars in India:

1. Impressive Design and Style

With top class looks and premium styles, the all-new Civic gives plenty of reason to one to fall in love with its design. The car is eye-catching when it comes to exteriors. It would please any car lover on its edgy and sharp looks along with the sloping coupe roofline which makes this car appear sporty. The taillight of current gen civic is the car’s most stylish and recognisable feature. It makes the car stand out of the crowd.

2. Spacious Interiors

The car looks spacious even from the outside and the same follows in its interiors too. Civic offers one of the most spacious cabins currently being offered in the car of this segment making it one of the prime reasons why Honda Civic is the best D-segment cars in India. Its comfortable leather seats and rear AC vents add to its beauty. It has got an elegant design with huge front view. The 17.7 cm touchscreen provides with navigation and usual connectivity with music options. The steering wheels come with options like cruise control and many more which can control the call features.

civic-gallery-1 5 Reasons Why Honda Civic Is the Best D-segment cars in India

3. Powerful, Yet Fuel Efficient

Civic delivers powerful engine options. It is available in 2 drivetrain options- 1.8-litre petrol which is mated to CVT and a 1.6-litre diesel paired with 6-speed manual gearbox. Also, the light clutch pedal is offered in diesel variant. Talking about the petrol, the R18 motor of Honda remains refined and silent as ever. The car offers certified mileage of 16.5 kmpl which is quite impressive for the car of this segment. Its diesel variant offers a whopping mileage of 26.82 Kmpl. Apart from that the car also features the ECON button after pressing which the car will automatically adjust several systems to save fuel.

4. Good Resale Value

Honda is among those top brands which have good resale value. The good resale value purely depends on the build of the vehicle, the engine’s performance and these are the two factors in which Honda excels the most if compared to other brands. Even after driving the vehicles for 10-12 years they remain intact and in good condition. Civic is one such car with a good strong build and powerful engine. People those have earlier versions of this car are fully satisfied by its performance and they have no plans to sell it.

5. Safety Features

If we talk about the safety the car offers Dual front SRS airbags, side airbags along with side curtain airbags that ensure the safety of passengers. The car has got various other functions like vehicle stability management and hill start assist which are there for the convenience of the driver. The car also comes with a new Agile Handling Assist that helps the car steer at higher speeds in corners without making a fuss.

These were the few reasons why Honda Civic is the best D-segment car in India. Also, Honda is offering a 3-year warranty for unlimited kms.

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  • Harinder Pal Singh

    What is price of Diesel version in Chandigarh.

5 Reasons Why Honda Civic Is the Best D-segment cars in India

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